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See the ‘Fighting Air Pollution’ international conference in Ostrava

22. 11. 2018,

On Thursday, the four-day international conference ‘Fighting Air Pollution in the Industrial Cities of Europe’ held in Ostrava concluded. The event was attended by environmentalists, lawyers and activists from Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland and Ukraine. The issue of the conference was successful campaigns for cleaner air in European industrial cities, but especially the current situation and analysis of possible steps to reduce toxic emissions in the air. Practice is often very worrying. During the international meeting, there was a presentations from northern Armenia, where the local factory smokes over medieval UNESCO-listed monasteries. A black snow from the ArcelorMittal Temirtau once again appeared over the city of Karaganda in Kazakhstan. Life in the neighborhood of the dirtiest races in Europe was described by the inhabitants of industrial cities in the eastern part of Ukraine.

PHOTOS: Majda Slamova / Arnika

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