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The impact of 200 days of war in Ukraine on the state of the air in different regions: the conference and round table “War Air” were held

29. 9. 2022,

On September 27, 2022, the “Clean Air for Ukraine” project held a scientific and practical conference and a round table – discussions dedicated to the restoration of air quality and environmental monitoring during the war. The materials of the event are presented below.

Ukraine is now in its seventh month of full-scale war, which is having an unprecedented impact on the environment and human health, so recovery will take a long time, but it must begin now by recording and assessing the impact of the war and the damage caused.

At the events, the organizers, NGO “Arnica” and NGO “Free Arduino”, managed to gather scientists and practitioners, ecologists and representatives of state and local authorities from different regions of Ukraine and the Czech Republic. In addition to hearing and discussing meaningful reports on the topics of air quality and environmental monitoring, a discussion was held and many questions were asked, proposals were put forward, which indicates the importance of the topic.

Below are report materials that you can use to improve environmental monitoring and assess the impact of war on the environment in your region.

Air of War Conference

Presentations from the conference>>

Video recording of the conference>>


Round table “The price of clean air”

Reports of the round table>>

Video recording of the round table>>

Clean Air for Ukraine

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