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Air pollutants and health impacts

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EcoCity Network: Civic air pollution monitoring network

If you want to learn current information about the level of air pollution in your town, most likely you have to overcome a number of obstacles. There is no single nationwide air monitoring system in Ukraine. Data from different regional and local systems are often not publicly available, and their accuracy varies significantly from region to region. The role of the state to provide environmental information was thus – perhaps only temporarily – taken over by civic initiatives.

The civic air monitoring system EcoCity Network consists of the stations that can be easily installed by anybody who cares about health. The stations constantly measure concentrations of particulate matter (PM) and other substances dangerous to human health, such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, ground-level ozone and volatile organic compounds. Our team makes this data available for all people through online access on the map.

Do you want to join us? To become part of the public monitoring network in Ukraine, you can install your own monitoring station.

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Clean Air for Ukraine

This project is led by a non-governmental organization Arnika (Czech Republic) in cooperation with local civic initiatives in industrial towns of Ukraine with financial support from the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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