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The Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies joins cooperation

2. 2. 2022

A memorandum on strategic cooperation between the international project “Clean Air for Ukraine” and the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies (USUNT) in the field of environmental monitoring and education has been concluded.

On January 29, cooperation between the academic community of USUNT and the Czech environmental NGO “Arnica” (Prague) and the EcoCity Public Monitoring Network in the implementation of air monitoring and environmental education officially began in Dnipro.

In his congratulatory speech, the first vice-rector of USUNT, Professor Anatoly Radkevich, noted that “…the university has a great expert potential, scientific and technical capabilities for the development and support of research into the state and quality of air… Thanks to the international cooperation that has begun, we can solve environmental problems through joint steps of our city and Ukraine.”.

“Cooperation with the academic community of the university is important for us, as we believe that the participation of scientists and young ecologists is crucial for the effective protection of environmental quality in the city of Dnipro,” answered Marcela Chernotsova, coordinator of the international project “Clean Air for Ukraine”. In the Czech Republic 30 years ago, we had a similar ecological situation as in Ukraine now. “Therefore, I urge you not to stop and not to give up, even if you do not see quick results.”.

Every year, scientists and environmental students of the university perform a lot of research work on the topic of monitoring quality and the content of pollutants in atmospheric air, emissions, natural and wastewater, and soil.

The “Chemistry and Engineering Ecology” department has had fruitful experience of cooperation with the project. “Scientists and the ecological laboratory of the department helped to create the first stationary OXYGEN air monitoring stations and conducted the first tests of the Sapphire-32 mobile station by EcoCity,” said the Head of the “Chemistry and Engineering Ecology” department, Professor Yuliya Zelenko. “That is why the university officially joining the “Clean Air for Ukraine” project and the installation of a new AirFresh MAX by Ecocity air quality monitoring station on the university campus are significant. This innovative equipment will help our students in scientific research and the training of highly qualified ecologists.”

“The Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering is a recognized expert community, including in matters of environmental safety and environmental monitoring. Our teachers and scientists cooperate with the bodies of local self-government and executive power and are part of the scientific and technical and expert departments of all levels. We are glad to become a part of the international project “Clean Air for Ukraine” and are ready to cooperate with our colleagues in Ukraine and the Czech Republic,” said the Dean of the Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering, Associate Professor Andrii Krasniuk.

“Thanks to the support of the international project “Clean Air for Ukraine”, we are glad to be able to provide modern monitoring stations for the academic community of the university,” commented Oleksiy Trelevskyi, founder and curator of the public monitoring network Ecocity. “These stations and the accumulated data arrays allow you to assist municipalities at a high scientific level, conduct analysis of big data, and develop forecasts of air pollution in Dnipro and the Dnipropetrovsk region…”.

We will inform you about further results of the cooperation.

Clean Air for Ukraine

This project is led by a non-governmental organization Arnika (Czech Republic) in cooperation with local civic initiatives in industrial towns of Ukraine with financial support from the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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