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Virtual conference Industrial air pollution Ukraine 2020

Virtual conference Industrial air pollution Ukraine 2020

According to the European Society of Cardiology, polluted air can cause almost 84,000 excessive deaths each year in Ukraine. Although progressive EU legislation has recently begun to be implemented in Ukraine, the quality of life in industrial cities has not improved significantly. Do we have enough information about how serious the situation is? What obstacles do public authorities and local governments face in making progress in this area? How can civil society help to achieve the necessary change? Experts, civic activists, and the state officials were trying to find answers to these questions during the virtual conference “Industrial air pollution Ukraine 2020”.

Materials available in English below.
Full presentations, videos and attachments in Ukrainian here.


17. 11. 2020 (Ivano-Frankivsk): Civic air pollution monitoring in Ukraine & public campaigns in industrial cities

Maksym Soroka, Scientific and Technical Advisor of the Clean Air for Ukraine Project (Dnipro): Ukraine in clean air transition – experience and progress of citizens air monitoring in Ukraine

CleanAir_Soroka_Civic air monitoring (PDF)

Margarita Zhenchuk, coordinator of work with international partners “Promprylad.Renovation” (Ivano-Frankivsk): 
How the EcoCity project started. What is social entrepreneurship on the example of “Urban Space 100”. “Тепле місто” – platform to support public initiatives

Oleksiy Trelevsky, curator of the EcoCity public air quality monitoring project and Dmytro Obukhiv, programmer and co-author of the EcoCity project: EcoCity air monitoring system

Olesya Kramarenko, Dzyga (Zaporizhzhya) & Pavlina Filippovova, Arnika (Czech Republic): Situation in industrial cities and successful public campaigns under Arnika’s Small Grants Program

Discussion: Air Pollution and Local Campaigns: Are Civil Society Actions Effective? How can we improve this?


24. 11. 2020 (Zaporizhia): Regulation of air pollution in Ukraine and the EU at the legislative level

Sergei Shtepa, Chairman of the E-Government Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Digital Transformation: Legislative initiatives in the field of air pollution

Oleksandr Konstantinov, the deputy of the Zaporizhia city council: Comprehensive city air monitoring program 

Anna Ambrosova, industrial ecologist, expert of the coalition of public organizations (Kryvyi Rih): Development of the legislation and public participation in decision making

Rostislav Neveceral, Atmospheric Air Quality Expert, APENA-2 Project Expert: Support to Ukraine in approximation to EU legislation in the field of air quality 

CleanAir_Neveceral_Apena (PDF)

Eugene Tulushev, Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Zaporizhia region:
 Risk assessment during air monitoring 

Discussion: Air pollution, legal framework and local initiatives: How to work in synergies?


1. 12. 2020 (Nikopol): State of atmospheric air in Ukraine: modern technologies of ecological monitoring from space measurements to real-time display

Jan Labohy & Simona Bockova, Word from Space (Czech Republic): Air pollution in Ukraine – the results from the satellite measurements 

CleanAir_Bockova-Labohy (PDF)

Leonid Shumilo, Institute of Space Research, NASU and SCAU: Urban Atlas: satellite monitoring to analyze changes in temperature and air conditions in the city

Oleksiy Angurets, Deputy Chairman, Head of the Department for Ecology, Energy Efficiency and Green Economy of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council: Creation of an environmental monitoring portal in Dnipropetrovsk region

Olesya Kramarenko, Dzyga (Zaporizhia) & Marketa Dosoudilova, Arnika (Czech Republic): Clean Air for Ukraine (web portal & media coverage)

CleanAir_Karamenko_Dosoudilova_Media (PDF)

Alina Mashenko, NGO “International Environmental Security”: Online catalog “ECO conscious business” – examples that help to care about the environment

Discussion: Air pollution, information and punishments: How can we stop illegal or dangerous activities?


8. 12. 2020 (Kramatorsk): Legal tools to fight industrial pollution and its culprits in Ukraine

Sarka Havrankova, expert on public participation in decision making (Czech Republic) & Oleksandr Yaroshuk, environmental journalist: Dirty skies above: Regulation of air pollution in Ukraine and the EU

Havrankova Yaroshchuk (PDF)

Svetlana Marchuk, Donetsk Regional Center for Hydrometeorology: Some issues of practical implementation of state monitoring of atmospheric air according to CMU №827 

Elena Shafranova, lawyer, Pravo E (Kryvyi Rih): Legal steps to fight the pollution

Eugene Nesterov, Head of the Department of Environmental Protection “ДКБАЖБ”: Automated environmental monitoring system of Donetsk region 

Discussion: Air pollution monitoring: Civic and state systems and how they can be improved in the future?


15. 12. 2020 (Kharkiv): Clean air for Ukraine: How can we achieve it?

Christos Companidis, project team leader: Climate change, waste management and air pollution: a holistic approach through the project “Approximation to the requirements of environmental legislation 3 (APENA 3)” 

Tsompanidis APENA3 (PDF)

Sarka Havrankova, expert on public participation in decision making (Czech Republic) & Oleksandr Yaroshuk, environmental journalist: Clean Air for Ukraine: Roadmap for reducing industrial air pollution in Ukrainian cities – overview of policy options and recommendations

Havrankova Yaroshuk (PDF)

Jachym Brzezina, head of Air Quality Department at the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute in Brno: Air pollution in Ukraine – preliminary data from EcoCity air monitoring stations

Brzezina (PDF)

Lina Plushchakova, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Technical Ecology, Editor-in-Chief of “Ecology of the Industrial Region”: The impact of the armed conflict on the state of technological and environmental security of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine

Artem Kostetsky, Chairman of the Board of the NGO “Good Will”: Scaling of the public air quality monitoring network in the context of decentralization reform 

Oleksandr Pyrh, NGO “Solonytsivka” & Oleksiy Davydenko, NGO “Екоцид.нет”: Examples of how a community defends its rights to clean air 

Discussion: Air pollution and the civic campaigns in Czechia and Ukraine. What is the experience? 

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